Enjoy a new (and simplified) health care experience:

  • Same or next day appointments for acute care needs

  • Extended no-rush office visits

  • A “no wait” reception area

  • A preventative Functional Medicine approach

  • No worries of copayments or deductibles

  • Access as often as you need (we encourage frequent visits)

  • An ongoing partnership with your physician

  • Full price transparency
  • An advocate to coordinate care outside of the clinic if needed
  • Care focused on treating the cause

  • Save money on medication, supplements, labs, and imaging

  • Call, text, email, or video chat with your doctor

  • Rest easy knowing that someone is there for you 24/7

  • House calls in West Seattle

How We Work (find our member fees here) :

Our Model

How Insurance Works:

Insurance Model

– It is estimated that 40% of dollars spent on primary care are lost to the system (insurance administration). For predictable care, GoodMed just makes sense.

What members are saying…

I had a very unrushed and comprehensive consultation with Dr Wendy at Goodmed. Such a refreshing change; at other clinics, I would get the feeling that I was using too much of my doctors’ time.  Love the idea that the first course of action will be holistic.

West Seattle

I love the personal experience you get at GoodMed.  You work directly with your healthcare provider, which is amazing.  You don’t have to worry about telling an assistant about your issue only, to repeat it to your doctor again.  Also I love that I have never had to wait, you come for your appointment, speak directing to your doctor and you’re done. Thank you for providing such a smooth healthcare experience.

M.P. - West Seattle

I was skeptical of the membership based primary care model at first, paying for insurance and then additionally paying for membership. After being a patient for almost a year now, I can’t imagine going back. I pay so much less money for excellent and more attentive care. As a more complicated and well-informed patient of Dr. Wendy’s, I can say I am so grateful for her expertise. She really listens to me and provides such compassionate and comprehensive care. I have been through so many naturopathic doctors whose care fell short of such quality and cost me so much more money. I love the after hours availability for urgent concerns and really appreciate the personalized care I have received.

T.H. - West Seattle

Thank you for your support, clarity and swift ability to help me help my body.  I truly appreciate how you hold such open and nonjudgmental space around anything I may bring up that is affecting my body.  You’re healing suggestions are gentle and accurate.  You and your business model are a breath of fresh air and I am so deeply grateful to have you on my personal support team!

D.S. - West Seattle

This practice is awesome! Exactly what a doctor office should be. I can get in on a short notice, i get all the time and attention of the doctor that I need and I don’t have to worry about money, insurance, etc. Also, the doctors here are very nice and knowledgeable. Dr Wendy even brought home some medications for my wife when she was ill. Hands down the best doctor experience in a while.

R.B. - West Seattle

As a midwife in West Seattle, we see a lot of families looking for quality care for their families outside of prenatal care. I love when our clients choose GoodMed for their naturopathic care needs. GoodMed provides excellent, holistic, comprehensive care with a very personalized approach. We feel so grateful to have such thorough and qualified care providers in West Seattle. We feel so confident that our families are being well cared for when clients graduate from our care and have chosen to be in such good hands with Dr. Wendy Hueners and Dr. Ryan Campbell.

Taylor Hamil, LM, CPM - West Seattle , In Tandem Midwifery
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