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Because of the simple structure of the clinic, we ask that all patients enroll online before treatment. The monthly fee covers all of the office visits, assessment, and any follow-up care. The fees listed below are in addition to the monthly membership fee. For those only interested in injection therapy, the membership will be cancelled at the completion of the treatment series. An 85% discount is offered to all established GoodMed members, which is after 6+ month membership history.

Area Treated
 (Cost per Treatment)
Low Back $135
Mid Back $135
Neck $135
Shoulder or Hip or SI (each) $95
TMJ (each) $85
Wrist (each) $65
Knee (each) $95
Ankle (each) $85
Heel (each) $45
Foot or Hand (each) $45
Toe(s) or Finger(s)(dependent upon the quantity treated) $15/per
Elbow (each) $85
Platelet Rich Plasma (added to above cost) $115 first area ($55 per additonal area)