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GoodMed offers lab testing at discounted prices.  While we can’t list every test and corresponding price, we are happy to provide you with some examples of some of our most frequently ordered tests for your reference.  In general, most lab tests are less than $20, and if there are any additional costs to you based on our recommendations, they will be discussed before any action is taken.

Q: Who is in charge?  A: You are.


Example (subject to change):

Standard Screening Labs Fee
CBC (red and white blood cells) $3.06
CMP (electrolytes, blood sugar, liver, kidney function) $3.50
Lipid Panel (cholesterol) $4.90
TSH (thyroid screening) $5.60
Total $17.06


Other Common Labs Fee
Ferritin (iron storage) $9.07
Free T3 (thyroid)  $9.07
Free T4 (thyroid)  $6.41
Vitamin D  $41.00
ThinPrep (Pap test) $28.00
FSH &LH $15.86
Testosterone (free and total)  $60.00