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Option 1: By Itself

As an individual, you don’t have to go without care because of the lack of insurance. 90% of medical needs for 90% of the people can be managed through primary care. We recommend that all members have some type of insurance coverage for the unexpected, however it is not required.

As an Employer, offering Direct Primary Care as a standalone benefit will help reduce out-of-pocket costs for employees who have purchased their own plans. In 2015, a typical individual paid over $1100 in medical costs before insurance kicked in.


Option 2: Paired with High Deductibe Health Plan (+ HSA)

Pairing GoodMed with a high deductible health plan allows for coverage for catastrophic events while providing concierge level quality and access to primary care services. Switching from a “Silver” or “Gold” level plan to a “Bronze” plan will typically save well more than the amount of membership at GoodMed DPC and significantly reduce out-of-pocket expenses incurred over the year. Adding an HSA account will allow for tax deferred payment for incidental medical expenses like labs, prescriptions, supplements, imaging, and payment toward the high deductible if necessary.


Option 3: Paired with a medical cost-sharing plan (can provide savings)

Medical cost-sharing is an ACA-compliant alternative to health insurance. In this option the medical cost- sharing organization would help pay for medical expenses incurred outside of GoodMed.

Liberty Healthshare, a national medical cost-sharing organization, sees the value of direct primary practices like GoodMed. Membership fees incurred at GoodMed may be submitted for partial reimbursement as a participant in the Liberty medical cost-sharing program. Learn more about Liberty here.