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As a small business, I look for tools to keep our staff healthy and benefits that enhance employee Recruiting and Retention. Goodmed helps me accomplish all three. My staff can get same day appointments, email or text their doctor and get a response within minutes or hours. Employees even have their doctor’s cell phone number in case they need to reach them after regular hours. It’s simple, fast, Private and FREE for my staff.

Jennifer McCollum, Massage Envy West Seattle

Good for Health AND Good for Business.

With healthcare costs and quality heading in different directions, businesses are feeling the crunch. Leveraging Direct Primary Care provides a unique solution to beat the trend, allowing you to have your cake and eat it too (your employees can have vegetables and eat them too).

Typically, 80-90% of all health care services can be received through primary care practices, so in removing the insurance middleman, primary care can be delivered directly to employees for significant improvement in health AND savings. This leaves insurance for what it is designed to do, cover the big scary stuff.

Good for Employees

With unlimited access to a physician 24/7, employees will have a partner in health, keeping your staff well and addressing issues early without concern of copayment, coinsurance, deductible, insurance coverage, or waiting for a timely appointment. At GoodMed, we leverage available technology to make care convenient for your employee, using video, text, phone, and email to coordinate care.

Good for Business

Rest well knowing that your employees are well taken care of, and rest even better knowing that for high quality care you are actually SAVING money too. Saving can be as much as 30-60% per year depending on your current medical benefits offering. GoodMed can also help you create a medical benefits package where one doesn’t exist. We have partners that can help you build a custom health plan that meets employee’s needs, saves you money, and leaves everyone happy and healthy.

Direct Primary Care (DPC) memberships are a voluntary benefit for any employee and their family member(s). They can be offered at no cost to the business (through payroll deductions) or supported by a business contribution.

Contact us through the contact page or call the clinic at 206-420-7520 regarding Employer-sponsored discount rate.